THP-Mexico's October 2010 Update to the Global Board


The following are highlights from April-October 2010 from The Hunger Project-Mexico:

1. In Zacatecas, the income-generating projects have been successful and self-reliant.

2. To set a favorable environment for the Community Development Plans, we have been including youth, the local government and other organizations of the region in our mobilization.

3. We organized the celebration of Rural Women's Day, in which 600 women participated along with the state's Commission on Gender Equality.

4. In Chiapas, our partners in the women's weaving cooperative (J'Pas Joloviletik) now have a common vision for themselves, their group and their cooperative.

5. Also in Chiapas, after five centuries of ethnic and gender-based exclusion, people are beginning to publicly read and write in their own language (Tsotsil) as well as learning Spanish.

6. The Directive Council and the Representatives promoted a bottom-up model where partners' voices, ideas and full participation are the new paradigm. This is a milestone in creating new rules and regulations of the cooperative.

7. In Oaxaca, we have developed a partnership with the Federal Government Secretary of Social Development (SEDESOL).

8. In the village of Guadalupe Victoria in San Miguel el Grande municipio, we are working towards a Participatory Rural Appraisal.

Download the full board report (PDF 302.76KB)