THP-Malawi's October 2010 Update to the Global Board


The following are highlights from April-October 2010 from The Hunger Project-Malawi:

1. The new Kachindamoto Epicenter entered Phase two in June, 2010. The epicenter is now characterized by construction of a full L-shaped building, which should be complete by November, 2010.

2. All seven epicenter community food banks were restocked with maize grain for a total of 412.2 metric tons.

3. Commencement of the close-out processes for two Novib grants and the National AIDS Commission (NAC) grant, which are due to finish within the next six months.

4. Finalization of the recommended minimum capitalization of all seven epicenters' seed capital for the Microfinance Program, strengthening the five Phase three epicenters, which can now readily enter Phase four in the coming years.

5. Four planned Food Security Projects for Kachindamoto, Mpingo, Ligowe and Champiti Epicenters were discontinued in order to re-allocate funds to move the Kachindamoto Epicenter from Phase one to Phase two.

Download the full board report (PDF 132.25KB)