THP-Ghana's October 2010 Update to the Global Board


The following are highlights of the last six months from The Hunger Project-Ghana:

1. The Vision, Commitment and Action Workshops (VCAWs) that were organized in partner communities continued to empower them to either initiate new projects or to continue with ongoing projects.

2. A partnership was forged between Nkawanda Epicenter and the Kwahu West Municipal Assembly, which resulted in the drilling of a borehole for the epicenter.

3. The Anyansu Epicenter collaborated with the District Assembly and the epicenter leadership in establishing an electricity connection for the epicenter.

4. The Women's Empowerment Program (WEP) has seen an increased number of women expressing an interest in participating in the District Assembly elections to be held later this year.

5. A collaboration with the Women in Law and Development in Africa (WILDAF) and other civil society organizations has led to the implementation of the second phase of the "We Know Politics Project."

6. A WEP animator in the Besease Epicenter developed a project proposal which received funding from the Global Women and Water Initiative (GWWI) to construct two rainwater harvesting systems for the Primary School and the Junior High School in the Besease community.

Download the full board report (PDF 399.54KB)