THP-Bangladesh's October 2010 Update to the Global Board


The following are highlights from April-October 2010 from The Hunger Project-Bangladesh:

1. We reached over 50,000 people at all levels of society across the country through our mobilizing tools and inspired them to take a stand for self-reliant action. Examples: Vision, Commitment and Action Workshops (VCAWs), animator training, Women Leaders Training and Youth Leaders Training.

2. We arranged a Youth Parliament session as a process for forming a national Youth Parliament in order to influence policy makers in creating youth-focused policies.

3. As a part of our youth mobilization, a National Youth Conference was organized in which 1,000 people participated from across the country. They formulated new Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) focused on plans of action.

4. We signed a new partnership with the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC), the largest NGO in the world, to implement a pilot project aimed at social mobilization and developing accountability in local governance to work toward achieving the MDGs in four Union Parishad (UP) bodies. We intend to replicate it around the country based on its impact.

5. About 1,000 women leaders participated and set new goals and targets during a national conference of our grassroots Unleashed Women's Network.

6. A National Conference of Shujan, a platform of civil society, was held to mobilize the members of civil society for promotion of good governance and human rights.

Download the full board report (PDF 129.7KB)