THP-Bangladesh's April 2011 Update to the Global Board

Animator Reunion 2010 - sm.JPG

Over the past six months, The Hunger Project (THP)-Bangladesh recognized and pursued the following objectives.

  1. During the last six months, we reached over 50,000 at all levels of the society across the country through our mobilizing tools [Vision, Commitment and Action Workshops (VCAWs); animator trainings; women leaders trainings; youth leaders training; coordination and follow-up meetings], empowering them to take a stand for self-reliant action.
  2. As a part of mobilization, an Animator Reunion/Conference was held at Savar Dhaka after a one-year break, in which approximately 12,000 animators from across the country participated. All the animators paid their own transportation and other expenses. In addition, each participant contributed taka 20 (US$0.26) as a registration fee. This is the first time the animators paid a registration fee for participating in a reunion. Former Chief Advisor of the Care Taker Government and Retired Chief Justice, Mohammad Habibur Rahman, was the Chief Guest.  
  3. A new partnership with BRAC, the largest NGO in the world, was developed for implementing a pilot project, “Social Mobilization and Accountable Local Governance towards Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Four Unions.” Our intention is that this will be replicated around the country based on its impact.
  4. A National Conference of SHUJAN,a platform of civil society, was held to mobilize members to promote good governance, human rights, etc.

This six-month period was distinguished by the following accomplishments:

  • Increased Youth Ending Hunger (YEH) activities;
  • Imparted animator training courses;
  • Trained youth activists and launched a good number of “Social Action Projects;”
  • Development of a strong web-based M&E system to easily monitor and supervise every activity at the field level as well as work of regional offices; and
  • The Unleashed Women's Network Committees at the district level across the country were formed.

Download the full board report (PDF 181.73 KB)