THP-Senegal's April 2011 Update to the Global Board

inauguration Ndéreppe sm.jpg

The following are highlights from July-December 2010 from The Hunger Project-Senegal:

1. The inauguration of Ndéreppe Epicenter on July 22, 2010 was marked by the mobilization of about 400 people, including local administrative authorities and representatives of the partner epicenters of The Hunger Project (THP)-Senegal.

2. The celebration of the International AIDS Day on December 1, 2010 was organized in partnership with the Diokoul Epicenter Committee and local authorities.

3. At the request of THP-Senegal, the Directorate of Microfinance and the Supporting Program to the Sectoral Letter on Microfinance (PALPS) fostered a relationship with the research firm AGIR (“ACTION”), which carried out a diagnostic study of THP-Senegal’s rural banks.

4. The implementation of a Food Security Program for the current agricultural campaign.

5. The organic hibiscus (bissap) program grew by 10 villages this year, increasing coverage from two to five epicenters. This increase led to the involvement of more than 12 additional groups, a membership of 563 people and a total of 21 hectares of crop land

6. This quarter marks the end of year two for the Informal Multiple-Actor Education Program (PMA/ENF). The program finished with the implementation of a series of training sessions and activities which were part of the technical and financial capacity building of the epicenter participants in Coki and Dahra Epicenters.

7. The health hut of Sam Contor Epicenter, built and equipped by THP-Senegal, became operational during the month of August 2010.

8.  After a long phase of mobilization, the Namarel Epicenter is entering Phase Two, with the beginning of construction of an L-shaped building composed of a preschool establishment, a food bank, a meeting room, a rural bank and latrines. This construction will also take into the housing of a health post, which will have running water, solar electricity and mattresses. This initiative has created a lot of excitement in the villages that have come to join the epicenter.


Download the full board report (PDF 347.83 KB)