THP-Malawi's April 2011 Update to the Global Board


During the period covered in this report (July-December 2010) The Hunger Project (THP)-Malawi's key successes included:

  1. All seven epicenter food banks were stocked with enough maize grain to cover any possible food shortages in the lean-period of December to March;
  2. Construction of the new Kachindamoto Epicenter L-Shaped building was completed on schedule;
  3. Provision of free health services at Champiti Epicenter dispensary commenced by the Government of Malawi’s (GOM) Ntcheu Local Assembly;
  4. Households participating in THP-Malawi’s programs continued to register positive progress;
  5. On-time loan repayment rates in the Microfinance Program (MFP) remained high in all epicenters;
  6. Project close-out processes for two grants funded by Novib were successfully finalized;
  7. THP-Malawi secured loan write-off authorization of the bad, outdated loans dating back to 2001 in the four epicenters of Jali, Nchalo, Mpingo and Nsondole. THP-Malawi recommenced new loan disbursements in some of these epicenters;
  8. External Evaluation of THP-Malawi’s HIV and AIDS Program successfully completed, providing a positive performance rating.

Download the full board report (PDF 148.5 KB)