THP-Ghana's April 2011 Update to the Global Board

Community members controlling weeds at the anyansu Epicenter farm.png

The following are highlights from July-December 2010 from The Hunger Project (THP)-Ghana:

1. Two kindergartens, a primary school and a Kumasi Ventilated Improved Pit toilet were completed by animators.

2. The Coalition of Women in Governance, who were trained by THP-Ghana under the We Know Politics Project, organized community durbars (meetings) and radio programs to sensitize the communities ahead of the December 2010 District Assembly elections.

3. The educational sessions and demonstrations organized by the Agriculture Trainers of Trainers as well as the farm inputs support offered by THP-Ghana, has made it possible for farmers in the epicenters to adopt improved farming practices, resulting in a rise in farm output and incomes. Some of the farmers won awards during the Farmers’ Day celebrations.

4. As a result of the education carried out by the HIV/AIDS animators, many more people have become interested in knowing their HIV status and have willingly participated in voluntary counseling and testing exercises carried out by the health personnel together with the HIV/AIDS animators in the epicenters.

Download the full board report (PDF 510.01 KB)