THP-Ethiopia's April 2011 Update to the Global Board

Libanos Epicenter sm.jpg

The attached report covers The Hunger Project-Ethiopia’s accomplishments during Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 of 2010 (July-December 2010). The following are highlights:

1. At four epicenters (Jaldu, Debre Libanos, Mesqan and Machakel), 14.3 hectares (35 acres) of communal land were cultivated and expected to harvest good yields as a result of promising weather conditions and excellent labor.

2. Thanks to adequate stocks in several of the epicenter food banks, sale of grain and legumes provided epicenters with a source of revenue while simultaneously feeding children enrolled in nursery school. The epicenters earned over US$7,000 in income, most of which was reinvested in the form of wages paid for services at the epicenters.

3. The epicenter nursery school classes maintained high, gender-equal enrollment and continued to provide one meal a day for all students. Three epicenter health clinics provided services to community members, and Mesqan Epicenter has begun to share its patient load with a new government health center in the area. Enemore Epicenter’s construction progressed immensely during both quarters, arriving at 90 percent completion.

4. In the Microfinance Program (MFP), Savings and Credit Cooperative (SACCO) committee members and loan partners underwent trainings on government cooperative policies, gender issues, women and child rights and HIV/AIDS. The MFP at Mesqan and Wurib Epicenters were transformed into SACCOs and awarded legal certificates by the respective government bodies.

Download the full board report (PDF 247.98 KB)