THP-Burkina Faso's April 2011 Update to the Global Board

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The attached report summarizes the progress The Hunger Project (THP)-Burkina Faso has made during the period July 2010 to December 2010.

This period was marked by THP-Burkina Faso’s recognition as an Officer of the National Order, with a personal congratulation from Blaise Compaoré, the President of Burkina Faso. This prestigious award is recognition from the Government of Burkina Faso for services rendered to the people of Burkina Faso by THP-Burkina Faso.

The major objectives of THP-Burkina Faso were to improve food security, contribute to increased household incomes, fight illiteracy and obtain government recognition for services rendered by THP-Burkina Faso.

The period was distinguished by the following major accomplishments:

  • Increased agricultural yields through the application of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa’s (AGRA’s) fertilizer microdose program;
  • Increasing the supply of stock in food banks through warrantage;
  • An increase in credit granted to men and women to carry out income-generating activities (IGAs);
  • Continuation of literacy programs for populations predominantly female; and
  • The decoration of THP-Burkina Faso as an Officer of the National Order, a high distinction in Burkina Faso, resulting in increased advocacy. This has been the greatest achievement of the period.

Download the full board report (PDF 161.8 KB)