THP-Benin's April 2011 Update to the Global Board

Benin 2011 Dekpo Rural Bank Board of Directors - sm.JPG

The reporting period of July-December 2010 was marked by successes in the following primary areas of focus for The Hunger Project (THP)-Benin:

1. Construction of Daringa Epicenter in the northern part of Benin was monitored by THP-Benin staff.

2. There was an increase in food production at almost all epicenters. THP ensured fertilizer availability for farmers in epicenter villages which boosted yields and allowed the epicenters to increase stocks of  the food banks.

3. Epicenters saw significant progress in the Microfinance Program, resulting in the creation of a network of four epicenter microfinance programs at Avlamè, Kissamey, Za-Kpota and Dékpo Epicenters.

Download the full board report (PDF 261.46 KB)