Advancement of Clean Water and Literacy for THP-Ethiopia in 2012


Update to the Global Board

April 2012

During the reporting period, THP-Ethiopia made tremendous strides in forming partnerships for provisions of water and electricity at several epicenters, leading to the successful installation of these services at two epicenters. THP-Ethiopia also completed several literacy centers and a library, providing new facilities that are ready to transition to government care for continued adult education. In its Health and Nutrition program, THP-Ethiopia has faced delays in the fulfillment of government commitments to provide equipment, medication and personnel. The reporting period covered the epicenters’ harvest season, seeing the cultivation of 16 hectares and over 10,000 kg of grain stored in the food banks.


  • Clean Water Points: Early in the reporting period, THP-Ethiopia completed 14 water supply projects, bringing safe drinking water to over 1,500 epicenter partners. THP-Ethiopia also finalized its partnership with local NGO Girar Bet Ledikuman, which led to new pipes being laid at Mesqan Epicenter.
  • Education & Literacy: Four new literacy centers were developed at Debre Libanos Epicenter to host 800 adult learners. Furthermore, three new literacy centers were completed at Wurib Epicenter, as well as a library. All facilities are being prepared for transition to the government for commencement of classes. During the period, all five nursery school classes began the school year (in October 2011) with a new nursery school at Enemore Epicenter expected to open its doors in early 2012.
  • New Rural Bank at Debre Libanos Epicenter: Abdi Boru SACCO (Savings and Credit Cooperative) in Debre Libanos Epicenter was officially inaugurated in the presence of government officials and community partners. A total of 500 people attended the ceremony. In the event following the opening speech of the district administrator, a report on the SACCO performance was presented by the SACCO manager and chairperson. Partners were given different awards in recognition of their contribution to the enhancement of SACCO and their performance in income-generating activities.

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