November 2008 Global Update

November 2008 Global Update

Dear Friends,

In October, we held a wonderfully successful Africa Prize Award Ceremony and special weekend of events in New York. There is something especially powerful about our global Hunger Project coming together to honor our Africa Prize laureates, celebrate our accomplishments, learn from one another and plan our next actions toward realizing our vision of a world free from hunger and poverty. See the highlights.

At this particular time, we are both energized and challenged by the opportunities in front of us. The three pillars that underlie all our programs - mobilizing people for self-reliant action, empowering women as key change agents and forging effective partnerships with local governments - provide the solid foundation to build sustainable solutions. As our programs grow, we intend to put greater focus on monitoring and evaluation, building strategic alliances/partnerships and influencing the major funding flows for development.

We are also facing the significant challenge of an uncertain financial landscape on a global level. The scale of the crisis means we are indeed in unchartered waters. As we all seek to deal with the ramifications of this, our sisters and brothers in the developing world need our partnership now more than ever. I want to assure you that The Hunger Project wants to stay the course with a firm and unswerving commitment to the fulfillment of our mission.

I am excited to let you know that we are poised to have 2008 be our best year yet in terms of fundraising results. Should we achieve this in the face of the financial challenge that is confronting the world, it will be a powerful statement about the commitment, loyalty and partnership that is the backbone of our wonderful movement, The Hunger Project.

Indeed, people are recognizing that the current situation is not a time to step back, but a time to step forward. I am happy to share with you the stories of Hunger Project investors who are in fact increasing their investments this year. Their money is being invested in people on the front lines of ending hunger, whose stories are also included below.

It is leaders like these, both in the developed and developing world, who have inspired us to launch what we are calling our Best Year Yet Campaign.

Please step forward and join us by investing now! And, if you'd like more information about how you can participate in the campaign, please contact Supriya Banavalikar.

Please join us for our best year yet!

Jill Lester
President and CEO

Helen J. Kessler, Chicago, Illinois

Why did I double my 2008 pledge to The Hunger Project at the Africa Prize Gala? There is no other grassroots organization that I know of that has as great a tangible impact on so many individuals. I know that when I invest in The Hunger Project, my money will be used wisely, strategically and leveraged to benefit as many people as possible. I was so impressed by the women who were chosen to be Africa Prize finalists and almost cried upon learning what the two laureates had done.

Robert Shereck and Gisèle Privé, Reno, Nevada

2008 was a year that we declared from the very beginning would be an amazing year. For us, investing in The Hunger Project is an expression of that declaration. Being at the Africa Prize Gala Award Ceremony was an amazing experience. Our guests were profoundly moved by the extraordinary global work that The Hunger Project has done and is doing. We were all moved by the laureates, their extraordinary challenges, accomplishments and, unquestionably, their leadership. We increased our investment that evening as an expression of our appreciation for their amazing contribution to humanity.

Lothar Torheiden, Fort St. John, Canada

I more than doubled my pledge for this year. Nothing else I could do with my money gives me more joy than investing it in the groundbreaking work of The Hunger Project. It is also an acknowledgment of the courage that, especially, the women on the front lines of ending hunger need to have in order to confront age-old traditions that keep them down and that they need to change in order to end hunger. Their courage has me be courageous with my money.

Tulu Bora, Assam, India

After being elected to the panchayat (village council) in my community, I took up the task of solving problems of unemployment, poverty, inadequate safe drinking water, alcohol and drug abuse. I attended the Women's Leadership Workshop conducted by The Hunger Project and came to know the Right to Information Act, which gave me the confidence to demand all relevant information from the government that I needed to carry on my work. During my tenure, I helped construct two public tanks, six roads, 10 tube wells, a community hall, and I had the school building repaired. There is a lot more work that needs to be done. Hence, I want to contest the next election, even though my seat will not be reserved for women.

James Ssenkumba, Uganda

Mr. James Ssenkumba attended a Hunger Project Vision, Commitment and Action Workshop (VCAW) in Uganda in 1999 and was selected as an animator (volunteer leader). He took more training as a Trainer of Trainers and began conducting VCAWs in The Hunger Project-Uganda's epicenters and training animators. With time, he felt confident enough to campaign for local council elections. He was elected the Sub-County Chairperson. The Hunger Project has had an enormous impact on James. He has acquired leadership skills, and is now able to make decisions that will create positive changes in his community.

2008 Africa Prize Gala a Huge Success

On October 18, Janet Nkubana and Faiza Jama Mohamed were named co-laureates of the 2008 Africa Prize at our annual gala in New York City.

See the highlights!

The Holidays Are Almost Here!

You can invest in The Hunger Project while shopping online!

Buy products from companies that donate a portion of their proceeds to The Hunger Project. Or set up a way to have your regular online shopping benefit The Hunger Project. Also available are gift cards that empower young people to make a difference!

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The Hunger Project Featured on ABC News!

The Hunger Project and 2008 Africa Prize Laureate, Janet Nkubana, were featured on ABC News!

Watch the video clip!