September 2008 Global Update


Dear Colleagues,

The Hunger Project's Fall Event is almost upon us! At the event, we will be awarding the 2008 Africa Prize for Leadership for the Sustainable End of Hunger.

For the first time, people from around the world submitted nominations for the Africa Prize online. We received nominations from 17 countries in Africa for remarkable community leaders who work tirelessly and selflessly to organize, advocate for and provide opportunities to African women. From Senegal to Rwanda to South Africa, these women represent civil society organizations making significant achievements in education, health, peace, environment, child care, farming and family income.

The nominations are now under consideration by our distinguished jury, which is chaired by former Secretary General of the Organization for African Unity (OAU), Salim A. Salim. The winner will not be announced until the night of the Africa Prize gala - Saturday, October 18! The evening will be a joyous celebration of the people of Africa, the community members who are leading the way toward a brighter future, and our wonderful global Hunger Project family that is committed to ending hunger and poverty. I would love to use the opportunity of this, my first Fall Event, to meet as many of you as possible. If you have not already made your reservations, purchase your tickets now!

The community leaders we are honoring at the 2008 Africa Prize event are members of a global civil society that is building a better future for all of humanity. The Hunger Project and our partners around the world are also members of that civil society. Below are highlights from some of these partners, who are creating a world where all people have the opportunity to claim their right to self-reliance, dignity and social justice.

Jill Lester
President & CEO

Tsunami Intervention Project Complete

In August, our Indian colleagues celebrated the successful completion of the Tsunami Intervention Project. In this historical bottom-up development initiative for India, The Hunger Project and elected representatives from 17 panchayats developed microplans in close collaboration with the villagers following the December 2006 tsunami. The plans were endorsed by the state and district level government offices. Watch a video about The Hunger Project's response to the tsunami.

Inspiring Entrepreneur in Mozambique

A few years ago, Mrs. Carmenia, a 53-year old mother of seven in Mozambique, was struggling to feed her family. In 2005, she took out a loan from The Hunger Project's African Woman Food Farmer Initiative. Her goal was to increase her agricultural production and begin a small business of buying, repacking and reselling cement. Now, she is a successful and innovative businesswoman who also sells maize and peanuts. And she has made enough profit to send her son and daughter to university! Learn more about the African Woman Food Farmer Initiative.

Women Training Women in Mexico

María Cruz Esquivel trains women to create embroidered handicrafts for sale. Her students pay her a small fee for instruction, which Maria uses to provide better quality food for her six sons. Maria is training 80 women from four communities, and says her commitment to empowering other women is the most important thing in her life. Read more about our work in Mexico.

Investors Visit Peru

In August, a group of Hunger Project investors visited Peru and spent several days with staff members from our partner, Chirapaq, and women leaders from some of the 30 federations and organizations with which Chirapaq works. Investors visited indigenous communities that are overcoming their challenges of poverty, discrimination and gender inequity. Read the full trip report.

American Express Members Project

Thanks to all of you who voted for the People Ending Their Own Hunger Members Project. We received 2,847 votes and finished in 14th place out of 1,190 projects! Rank was not the only criteria, and we unfortunately did not advance to the next round. But thanks to you, the opportunity was used to share the wonderful work of The Hunger Project!