February 2008: The Hunger Project-Bangladesh Holds its 9th Animator Reunion Amid Great Enthusiasm

9th Reunion 08_group.jpg

"We shall overcome"

"We are passing through a most crucial time, but I hope the spirit of selfless service with which the animators of The Hunger Project-Bangladesh are working will give us the courage and determination to steer the ship of our nation to a safe coast." With these words, chief guest Mr. Justice Habibur Rahman, ex-chief adviser to the caretaker government, inspired the 15,000 animators (Ujjiboks—as they are popularly known) who arrived at the mass-congregation-like reunion that had a festive look defying the late winter drizzles and biting cold.

Other distinguished special guests who spoke on the occasion also echoed the optimism of Mr. Rahman, and called upon the participants to carry on the mission to which they have set themselves with so much devotion and fixity of purpose.

With their steadfast devotion bolstered by the speeches of the celebrities attending the gathering, a good number of animators from various regions of the country reaffirmed their pledge to the cause The Hunger Project-Bangladesh is fighting for.

Dr. Badiul Alam Majumdar, country director and global vice-president at The Hunger Project, greatly stressed the value of the work the volunteer animators are doing and hoped that more and more people would follow their example and come forward to transform Bangladesh to an ideal state free from hunger, injustice and corruption.

The day-long event also featured musical performance by artists selected from among Hunger Project volunteers, a comic show, a dance, and a raffle draw.