December 2007: Senegal Trip Summary


From December 6th – 17th, Dr. Tadesse and Amrote travelled to Senegal to monitor the progress of programs being implemented by THP-Senegal.

During our stay in Senegal, Dr. Tadesse, with the company of the country director, Madame Madelaine Cisse, travelled to various epicenters including Dinguiraye, Sanar, Richard Toll and Coki. At the epicenters, Dr. Tadesse met with the epicenter committee members as well as partners to conduct VCAs, reemphasizing the concept of the Epicenter Strategy and highlighting the importance of mobilization and partnership.

Separately, Amrote accompanied by the AWFFI team travelled to Sam Contour, Dahra, Diokoul, Dinguiraye and Coki to meet with the credit and epicenter committee to discuss the evolution of the revolving fund at the epicenters. During the meeting, committee members expressed the continued commitment of partners to maintain the good repayment rates and increase their individual savings. Currently, there are seventeen (17) epicenters of which three (3) are government recognized banks in Senegal. With a total loan capital of US $ 281,309 (126,589,077 CFA), the AWFFI program has benefited a cumulative number of 12,873 partners to date.


The highlight of the trip was the official inauguration of Coki Epicenter which took place on December 14th. The event, which was covered by the local media, was attended by the Governor, Traditional Chiefs, THP-Senegal National Council members but most importantly, community members of Coki who turned-out in the hundreds to take part in this special event. From the articulated speeches delivered by the epicenter and board president, it was clear that our partners at Coki understood the importance of creating a vision to ending their own hunger.

Overall, after visiting the various epicenters, the mission was very satisfied to see the visible progress that is taking place in Senegal under the new leadership of Madame Cisse. Since joining the staff of The Hunger Project, Madame Cisse has taken serious steps to restructure the working methodology of THP-Senegal which has added great value on the day to day work of the staff. Attached, we’ve included a few pictures from the trip for you to see.