September 2007: Hunger Project Partners in Benin Inaugurate Two New Epicenters


In September 2007, Dr. Fitigu Tadesse, Vice President, Africa Region, and Amrote Abdella, Senior Program Officer for the African Woman Food Farmer Initiative (AWFFI) visited Benin, where they got the opportunity to work closely with Monsieur Pascal and his team on the ground. During their stay in Benin, Vision, Commitment and Action (VCA) sessions were conducted in four epicenters: Wawata, Ouissi, Avlamé and Zakpota.

Two epicenters, Dekpo and Akpadanu were also inaugurated at this time, with a large number of partners in attendance. The dedication and mobilization effort of both the people and staff is visible at all stages of the epicenters. Having worked closely with the AWFFI team, Dr. Tadesse and Amrote were happy to see the success of AWFFI program in Benin. Despite the large number of partners who are already benefiting from our credit services, many groups are still awaiting to receive credits. Despite their various challenges, our partners continue to demonstrate their solid understanding of The Hunger Project's vision and mission.