March 2007: AWFFI Progress in Mozambique

Mozambique March 2007 006_opt.jpg

The Hunger Project-Mozambique African Woman Food Farmer Initiative (AWFFI) program is well underway in both Chokwe and Manhica epicenters. Since my last visit in September, the program has expanded to two new villages in the Chokwe Epicenter so that there are now a total of 49 AWFFI solidarity groups participating in the microfinance program. In the next quarter, the program will also expand to new villages in the Manhica Epicenter so the number of participating groups will continue to rise. As for the SPIA microfinance program for men, there are currently three men's solidarity groups in Chokwe who have received loans, and the program is set to begin in Manhica soon.

I visited both epicenters and was well-received by the partners. We talked about the link between the current Direct Credit program and the future rural bank. Partners explained to me the impact that the micro-loans have had on their lives--enabling them to build homes, acquire and farm more land, and even hire labor! Photo: AWFFI Project Officer and Credit Officer working with Manhica loan committee.