THP-Mexico's December 2011 Newsletter: Building Bridges

Read The Hunger Project-Mexico's December newsletter below! If you click on the links for more information, note that there is English text at the bottom of each news item.

Building bridges…

These last months of the year have been defined by the creation of alliances between partners. In Chiapas, our partners in the cooperative J'pas Joloviletik received our investor partners from Sweden and the United States in order to exchange ideas and to recognize the role played by each partner to eradicate hunger and poverty in their villages and in the world. In Zacatecas, our partners from the village of Morelos managed to build a bridge in order to have better communication among its inhabitants. In October we celebrated the International Day of Rural Women, the World’s Food Day and International Day for the Eradication of Poverty participating in a special radio program, and in the same month we conducted a Participative Rural Appraisal in the Municipio of San José Tenango (Oaxaca) with the collaboration of intern volunteers from Italy and Spain. In terms of partnerships with government and other organizations, in November we participated in the Forum to create the Development Plan for the State of Mexico, and we were part of the Fifteenth Annual Meeting of the Mexican Philanthropy Center where civil society organizations had the opportunity to bond with the different development actors in our country.

Thanks to the results and achievements obtained in 2011, we are certain that in 2012 the walls that have been built by resignation will fall to give space for the construction of bridges that will enable us to move towards a world without hunger and poverty.

Visit from our partners of Sweden and the US to our partners in Chiapas

Our global vice-president, Dr. John Coonrod and our Swedish THP Director, Asa Skogström, along with other 15 investors from Sweden and The United States, visited us during the week from September 13th to September 18th, in order to be acquainted with the work we do in Mexico, as well as to presence, the work we do in Chiapas with our female partners from the J´pas Joloviletik cooperative. More info

From poverty to sustainability: People in the center of inclusive development

In October 17th, The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, THP Mexico was invited to participate on a special radio program at “Radio Ciudadana” (Public Radio) where we talk about the actions that The Hunger Project is carrying out, in order to end with poverty, understanding this mission as a great opportunity to unleashed the human greatness. More info.

Participative Rural Appraisal in Oaxaca

During the month of October, the Mexico´s THP team, along with its international colaborators as well as their interpreters and translators, of the communities where we colaborate, created a Participative Rural Appraisal (PRA) in five villages of the municipality of San Jose Tenango, in the Mazateca Sierra. More info.

Forum to elaborate the 2011-2017 development plan for the state of México

On November 2011, Lorena Vazquez Ordaz, Country Director in THP Mexico was invited to participate on the first “Forum to elaborate the 2011-2017 development plan, for the State of México” where the State of Mexico was willing to define the actions and programs which will rule the public state administration during the current government. More info.

2011 Cemefi´s Annual Meeting

On November 14th, 15th, and 16th, The Mexican Center for Filantropy (CEMEFI) held its XV Annual Meeting, where all the organizations from the civil society, had the chance to share our work and learn from other organization´s experiences, as well as to get involved with some socially responsible entrepreneurs, government, media, academics and students willing to collaborate in our country´s development. More info.

Construction of the vehicular bridge in the village of Morelos

On November 18 the village of Morelos, from Juan Aldama, Zacatecas, opened a road bridge. This bridge was planned and arranged by the community members through its delegated Raquel García Vidaña partner of THP Mexico. More info.