Laura Matika, Investor

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Laura Matika has been an investor in The Hunger Project (THP) since 1995. When asked about her investment in THP and what it means to her, she said:

"It bridges the geographical and cultural gap between me and my brothers and sisters in countries where my investment is at work alongside the people who are working to create hunger-free lives for themselves, their families, and their villages. Through my THP investment, I experience being a global partner with those members of my human family that I will never see, but who are also committed to a world free from hunger-related issues."

Laura has met many THP women partners during her many years with THP and she has been inspired by all of them.

"...every single woman who has shared their courage, commitment, hard work, determination and the vision of a better future for their families and villages has moved me deeply. Each woman has transcended deep-seeded cultural barriers with their unstoppable commitment and courage to bring about the kind of changes in their communities that provide a more productive, fulfilling way of life. My experience is one of awe, gratitude, and inspiration. I always am struck by...wondering whether or not I would have what it takes to accomplish what they do. My part of investing money is so easy in comparison!"

A strong and health-conscious woman, Laura has taken a strict stance in life to adhere to holistic health practices for herself and her children. Her medical model has come into question in some situations, such as child birth and immunization decisions, but Laura has held strong to her beliefs.

From her own past, Laura draws inspiration from another courageous woman: her childhood nanny. An Italian immigrant in a foreign culture, her nanny taught her the value of acceptance and the importance of recognizing the relationships between all people in the world.

"She taught me unconditional love, acceptance of all people no matter how different they might be...These few things set the foundation for how I see other people in the world, and the possibilities of relatedness."

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