Jerilynn Radcliffe, Investor

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Jerilynn Radcliffe is the definition of an empowered woman. She was the first woman in her family to graduate from college and the first person in her family to receive a Ph.D.

"The most influential woman in my life is my mother, Edythe Kennedy Radcliffe, who lived until 1995. She grew up on a farm in Ohio and only completed high school herself. But she told me over and over again how important it was for me to get a higher education and be able to support myself. She showed me that with hard work, literally anything can be done."

With the support of family and her own endurance, Jerilynn is now a leading psychologist and behavioral researcher at a prominent children's hospital and university medical school.

"As a woman and non-physician in a largely male and medical environment, I've had to be pretty persistent and work hard...I'm now leading teams of men and women, physicians and non-physicians, that address behavioral health issues that everyone agrees are important."

The Hunger Project (THP) is proud to have strong women investors like Jerilynn working to empower their global sisters.

"I've been an investor in The Hunger Project for more than twenty years. Each time I make an investment in the work of ending hunger, I know that I'm part of a global community of remarkable women and men around the world...I've seen first-hand the joy and pride of the people who are literally transforming the world with their hands and their dedication."

On an investor trip to Malawi, Jerilynn was particularly inspired by an entrepreneurial partner who managed to turn a US$60 loan into both a profitable business and a life-saving shelter for HIV-positive children.

"Although others in her village had ridiculed her wanting to start her own business, she didn't give up. She bought calves, raised them, sold them, and then bought more. With the money she made, she put a new tin roof on her house to keep the rain out. She [then] adopted five children in her village who were AIDS orphans, paid their school fees and bought them uniforms. She also helped to teach and care for other AIDS orphans in her village. And most importantly, she came to know herself as an extraordinary woman leader."

Jerilynn notes that her mother, her own inspiration, enjoyed hearing about the work of THP.

"She loved learning about the work of The Hunger Project. I'm honored to continue her legacy of empowering women through my investment in The Hunger Project."

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