Young Professionals Committee

Make It Your Business to End Hunger!

What is the YPC?

Note: For the time being, we have folded this program into our overarching advancement purview. If you are interested in taking a leadership role in the YPC, please contact Supriya Banavalikar. For information on becoming a volunteer or activist, please visit our Activist Pages.


The Young Professionals Committee (YPC) is a group of young professionals in New York City who believe that if we all work together and take action, we can bring an end to the chronic persistent hunger and poverty that affect more than one billion people throughout the world.

The New York City YPC will serve as the pilot of a formal young professionals movement within the larger Hunger Project organization. The YPC will be focused on increasing understanding about issues of hunger and poverty, and how they are not only problems affecting people thousands of miles away, but have repercussions throughout the world. The YPC will also aim to generate awareness about how hunger and poverty can be and is being ended through The Hunger Project's innovative strategies. In addition, the YPC, will seek to raise funds and promote other actions to help us achieve our mission - the end of global hunger and poverty.

The Hunger Project (THP) launched the Young Professionals Committee in New York City in May 2010 with a special happy hour fundraising event.

Who Can Join?

Anyone is welcome to join the YPC. For the initial launch, members should live in the New York City metropolitan area and be between the ages of 21 and 40.

Why Should I Join?

There are many reasons why someone would join the YPC:

  • Do you want to make a meaningful difference in ending global hunger and poverty?
  • Would you like to harness your skills, creativity and knowledge to cause social change?
  • Do you want to express your global citizenship?
  • Would you like to meet like-minded people who care about similar issues?
  • Do you want to have fun while having a larger, positive impact?
  • Do you need to fulfill community service or other such volunteer requirements?

What Is Involved in Joining the YPC?

The YPC is a new initiative of The Hunger Project - we are working with a blank canvas that invites collective creativity, entrepreneurship and passion. Involvement may include brainstorming ideas for increasing awareness, fundraising and advocacy; planning events and activities; attending events and activities and inviting friends; or sharing particular skills sets in ways that have yet to be identified. As the YPC will in large part represent the inaugural members' input, there are no requirements at this point for participation.

All we ask is that you participate in a meaningful way that satisfies you and has us move one step closer to the end of hunger and poverty.

How Do I Get Involved?

We're glad you asked!

Call or email Supriya Banavalikar at (212) 251-9109 or

Make it your business to end hunger!

More Info

Check out photos from our August 24, 2010 Happy Hour!

Download a YPC flyer (PDF).