New Funding Reinvigorates THP-Senegal Epicenter Programs in 2012

Senegal 2012 - Social entrepreneurship training in Ndioum Epicenter.jpg

Update to the Global Board

October 2012

As of this year, the Eureko-Achmea Foundation from Netherlands started underwriting three of THP-Senegal’s epicenters (Sanar, Namarel and Ndioum), all of which belong to the St. Louis region. In light of this funding, all three epicenters have experienced a new spark in the number of activities implemented, especially Ndioum, which had very little activity between 2010 and 2011. In addition, THP-Senegal has adopted a new animator training strategy to help increase the number of total trainings. THP-Senegal began training two animators per village in each epicenter to ensure an exponential growth in the number of TOTs.
  • Trainings of Polyvalent Animators: The general strategy for Vision, Commitment, Action Workshops (VCAWs) changed at the beginning of Quarter 1 for six of Senegal’s epicenters. THP-Senegal began training two animators for each village within its epicenter. In turn, these newly trained animators train others in their village, exponentially increasing the number of animators in each village. One epicenter that demonstrates this increase in trainings is Ndereppe, for which you can clearly see the recorded growth of animator trainings (graph in full report).
  • Food & Security PICS Training: THP-Senegal has begun training Agriculture Training of Trainers (TOTs) in the PICS (Purdue Improved Cowpea Storage)  method of cow pea conservation, a storage method adapted to local conditions that does not require pesticides and is highly successful. The method was created by Purdue University in the US and has been successful throughout West Africa. Along with World Vision, THP-Senegal is working to expand this methodology. The cow pea (niébé) is a product grown exclusively by women and yields substantial revenues. Unfortunately, it is currently facing post-harvest losses due to weevils.
  • Literacy and Education: Eighteen literacy classes are currently running at Sanar, Ndioum, Namarel, Diokoul, Ndereppe and Sam Contor Epicenters with an all-time high of 63 to 98 percent attendance. Each literacy center has a management committee to ensure the implementation of efficiency policies, maintain group motivation and raise community awareness.


Download the full report (.pdf 860.27 KB)