Two New THP-Ethiopia Epicenters Inaugurated in 2012

Ethiopia 2012 - President and VP at Epicenter Inauguration.jpg

Update to the Global Board

October 2012

THP-Ethiopia successfully inaugurated two epicenters, Enemore and Wurib, both of which are underwritten by investors in Sweden and Australia, respectively. President and CEO Mary Ellen McNish and Vice-President for Africa Programs Dr. Idrissa Dicko were in attendance for both inaugurations (photo). THP-Ethiopia is one of just three Africa Program Countries to have filled the new staff position of PBRMO; this resource undoubtedly contributed to Amharic and English language newspapers in Ethiopia publicizing the inauguration events. On top of this busy inauguration schedule, THP-Ethiopia continued to move ahead in its education and health infrastructure, completing an expanded literacy center and nearing completion of a new health post.
  • Epicenter Inaugurations: Over 1,000 community members participated in the inauguration of Enemore and Wurib Epicenters, including guests of honor from the Zone and District Administrations, Epicenter Committee members and THP Global Office and THP-Ethiopia staff. Traditional parades celebrated this milestone in development and women especially attended in large numbers to laud this achievement.
  • Education & Literacy: As described in previous reports, THP-Ethiopia has emphasized the maintenance and construction of educational centers, including schools and literacy centers. Over the reporting period, THP-Ethiopia completed a new literacy center while continuing to train new Functional Adult Literacy facilitators. All 26 completed literacy centers are fully functional and aligned with government standards. Five of six epicenters have functioning nursery school classes, with a ratio of 1.2 girls enrolled for every boy!
  • Health & Nutrition: THP-Ethiopia has worked with community partners to complete construction at Segenet health post. As with all health posts, once construction is finalized, it will immediately be handed over to the community to begin operations.

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