THP-Burkina Faso, Ministry of Health Partnership First of Its Kind in 2012

Burkina 2012 - Boulkon Epicenter Health Consultation.jpg

Update to the Global Board

October 2012

Over the reporting period, THP-Burkina Faso (THP-Burkina) maintained a continuous focus on ensuring the self-reliance of the health program in each of its epicenters. Building upon its exclusive use of government-run health clinics at its epicenters, THP-Burkina developed a first-ever partnership agreement with the national Ministry of Health. This allowed greater partnership with medical professionals at the epicenter level, as was practiced at Boulkon Epicenter in June 2012 (see photo). THP-Burkina continued advancing four of its 10 Phase III epicenter rural banks toward government recognition.
  • Health & Nutrition: Following many months of negotiations, THP-Burkina concluded a partnership agreement with the country’s Ministry of Health. Epicenters work exclusively with government-run health clinics, ensuring that staffing, medical equipment and drug availability are a government responsibility. This new partnership agreement authorizes THP to implement health activities alongside health clinics anywhere in Burkina; to submit proposals to the Ministry in response to requests for proposals (RFPs); and to more easily develop partnerships with other actors working on health. The Ministry of Health has officially recognized THP’s goals in the health sector and committed to facilitating THP’s interventions by according the necessary authorizations and the technical support insofar as possible. This will be particularly relevant as THP-Burkina seeks to further integrate the 1,000 Days initiative into its regular health programming.
  • Microfinance Program: Documents have been drafted for the recognition of rural banks at four epicenters: Bougue, Yegueresso, Bissiga, and Sapouy. Additionally, a new microfinance software kit has been installed at two epicenters: Boulkon and Nagréongo. The software will improve the Microfinance Program’s transaction capacities and provide a motivating training experience for rural bank managers, who were trained in the use of the software and provided with a manual to accompany future use. The software is designed to enhance the epicenter and the bank’s ability to manage clients and loans.
  • Advocacy & Awareness: THP-Burkina has made tremendous strides in building its profile among local and international NGOs operating in Burkina. In honor of International Women’s Day in March, THP hosted a conference at Sapouy Epicenter to discuss the role of women in climate change, an issue particularly pressing to the populations of Sapouy. Beyond the well-attended turnout of epicenter partners, the event was covered in the press by multiple sources.