The Hunger Project-India Annual Report 2008-2009


In India, The Hunger Project (THP) is committed to ignite, kindle and sustain the leadership of women elected to village councils (Panchayats). THP-India seeks to strengthen the role of elected women representatives in local governance so that they are able to assert their rights and build a future free of hunger, poverty and injustice.

The elected women leaders with whom THP has worked in the last nine years have shown phenomenal leadership ability, against all odds. They have struggled to bring water, health and education to their villages despite pressure, threats, violence and brutalities. They have constructed roads and provided clean drinking water to their communities. These elected women representatives are slowly but surely changing the development agenda of their villages.

In 13 states of India, through effective strategies and in partnership with more than 59 civil society organizations, THP-India has worked with and supported the leadership of more than 75,000 elected women representatives.

Download THP-India Annual Report (PDF 2.54 MB)