Epicenter Community Provides Safe Water to 6,000 Villagers


Our colleagues in Ethiopia are pleased to announce that a water supply project at the Jaldu Epicenter is nearly complete! This project will supply clean tap water, via seven operational water points, to over 6,000 of our grassroots partners, who once suffered endemic waterborne disease. No longer will women and children need to travel three to six kilometers each day during the dry season to fetch water.

This project was completed in partnership with Rotary International, other local Rotary Clubs in Ethiopia and The Hunger Project (THP). On top of these financial investments, the contribution of the Jaldu community was immense. The community contributed local material; labor; transportation, storage and management of construction materials; information during the study phase and site selection; and their leadership in ensuring the project progressed according to plan. Moreover, they achieved this in the face of challenges, such as the scarcity and price escalation of construction materials.

Thousands of community members, men and women, devoted hours and hours of their time to developing a safe water supply during the last several months. In addition to providing clean water to nearby villages, the project has created job opportunities for community members.

The women and men of the Jaldu Epicenter have expressed their immense satisfaction and pride in what they have achieved. They stated that they have learned a lot from the whole process, particularly that development is possible through their own efforts and participation. They are confident that they will properly manage their new water supply and duly protect their property.

Congratulations to our partners at Jaldu and to the entire THP-Ethiopia team on this success!

April 2009