Changing Mindsets, Empowering People

Hunger Project Executive Vice President John Coonrod recently spoke with Let’s Talk (a blog hosted by the World Bank’s Chief Economist) team as part of the launch of the World Bank’s upcoming World Development Report on "mind and culture."The World Bank annually releases...
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Challenge Stories from Hunger Project's Live Below the Line Champions

This week (April 28-May 2), The Hunger Project staff and over 200 Live Below the Line champions are spending $1.50 a day on food and beverage for five days to change the way people think about extreme poverty – all while supporting our work in villages worldwide.Our global staff...
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The Hunger Project Joins Live Below the Line

The Hunger Project is thrilled to be a part of the Live Below the Line campaign. Members of our global staff team are participating under the theme “Community.” The Hunger Project joins thousands of people around the world who are taking the Live Below the Line challenge to...
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Using Cutting-edge Mobile Technology to Monitor Programs

“As a supervisor, using iFormBuilder for data collection was an exciting experience. It reduced the workload of checking the questionnaires’ accuracy as I could check the data in database right after syncing it—while our enumerators were still in the field. There were no cases...
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All Politics is Local: Building Grassroots Democracy from the Bottom Up

The old saying that “All politics is local” is especially true when it comes to overcoming poverty and hunger. Issues of nutrition, primary education, primary health care, water and sanitation, preserving the environment and ensuring public safety are all local issues. Actually...
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Information is Progress: Visits to Chirapaq Communities

After meeting with OMIL (Organization of Indigenous Women of Laramate) leaders in Lima at the World Conference of Indigenous Women, a declaration they made stuck with me as we drove 10 hours to their mountainous villages: “An informed community is one that progresses.” The...
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Get Out the Give on #GivingTuesday!

The retail sector has benefited for years from coordinating national shopping days around the holidays. Everyone knows “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday.” But this year, for the second year in a row, something unique will take place on December 3, 2013: #GivingTuesday.#...
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The Best Investment Against Violence

Putting an end to the conditions of poverty and marginalization in which indigenous women live is the best way to eradicate violence.Statement by CHIRAPAQ Director Tarcila Rivera Zea for 2013 International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.Peru recently hosted...
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The Hunger Project Honored with One Wish Award in Sweden

The Hunger Project has received the 2013 One Wish Award, the annual prize inaugurated by Innovation Pioneers recognizing the use of innovation in achieving outstanding results at Innovation Pioneers’ Innovation in Action symposium in Stockholm.We were recognized for our  “...
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Microfinance Program Staff Journal Entry: Afro-Optimism

This journal entry was submitted by The Hunger Project's Senior Microfinance Program Officer, Sonia Rahal.In Cotonou, I believe once more in Africa.All around me, I felt an energy that I haven’t known for a long time. The lively THP meetings didn’t hold any of the...
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