Congratulations to Chirapaq Director Tarcila Rivera Zea!

For its 75th anniversary, the Ford Foundation has created the Visionaries Awards to acknowledge 12 extraordinary leaders around the world.The work of these leaders demonstrates "innovative efforts on the frontlines of key social issues, offer[ing] clear and concrete pathways to...
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2011 MDG Report: HIV Infections, Malaria and Tuberculosis on the Decline

In September 2000, the leaders of 189 nations made a commitment to achieve specific results by 2015 in eight major areas, results that have come to be known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs):1. Eradicate extreme hunger and poverty.2. Achieve universal primary education....
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Expert Opinions: How Would You Fix the Broken Food System?

It’s no secret that the food system is failing. Between 2006 and 2008, international food prices doubled. The poorest people in the world are already spending up to 80 percent of their income on food, and increases in oil, fertilizer and transportation costs are making matters...
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Welcome to The Hunger Project Blog!

As a non-profit committed to the sustainable end of hunger, we like to stay up-to-date on the conversations going on in the world of international development. From the latest UN Reports to new government policies, we’re a part of the action and we want to do our best to keep...
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Give Girls a Chance to Change the World

“More than half the children who are not in school today, 36 million, are girls.” Such a reality is not only unacceptable, but incomprehensible. Not only is educational opportunity for girls a humanitarian imperative, it will also help to significantly mitigate poverty and...
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