What is a Veronica Bucket?

October 10, 2011
Veronica Bucket - ghana together.jpg

Diarrhea, infection and the common cold are abundant all over the world and relatively simple issues to address. But imagine confronting these health concerns without ready access to hand-washing. Running water, soap and a clean towel are difficult to come by in many developing countries and lacking this basic element of sanitation puts health providers and entire communities at unnecessary risk.

Our epicenters in Ghana have taken a step towards ending these risks with a simple device known as a Veronica Bucket. Comprised of a bucket and a basin on top of a wooden stand, these mini hand-washing stations are placed outside of epicenter health centers for quick and easy sanitation. This one-stop-shop of soap and running water, accessible to community members and health center staff, is a vital and simple step in saving lives. 


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Photo credit: Veronica bucket in use from Ghana Together


Sara Wilson

Communications and New Media Officer
United States

Sara has worked as Communications and New Media Officer for The Hunger Project since October 2010.

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