Mobile Technology for Social Good: Using iFormBuilder for Hunger Project Programs

July 1, 2014
Mobile Technology for Social Good: Using iFormBuilder for Hunger Project Programs

The Hunger Project is proud to use cutting-edge mobile technology to monitor our programs. While there are many mobile data collection platforms on the market now, The Hunger Project exclusively uses iFormBuilder. iFormBuilder is a "universal, cloud-based mobile data collection platform helping customers around the globe collect data on their mobile devices." But why do we exclusively use iFormBuilder?

The iFormBuilder platform is a multiple-interface software that allows users to create, complete, and compile surveys in a variety of settings. It can be used on any iOS or Android device with Internet access that has the ability to browse the Web (like an iPod or smartphone). iFormBuilder secures both the created survey itself and the participants’ answers by storing them on the device, then syncing the information to the user’s account on the website.

Since 2012, iFormBuilder has proved to be user friendly, fuction on both iOS and Android, support multiple languages, and integrate with a number of third party applications. More than anything, though, The Hunger Project has found a great ally in the iFormBuilder team.  The company is committed to the NGO community and serving as an example of mobile technology for social good.

iFormBuilder works for us and has provided a number of resources to help train our Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) team around the world. Eight of the thirteen M&E Officers have been trained in person by our Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist in the Global Office and two others have completed significant web training. Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist in the Global Office, Megan Colnar, along with two other M&E Officers have had one-on-one sessions with the iFormBuilder team. The Hunger Project has also hosted two regional M&E conferences in Senegal and Uganada to train our team in the iFormBuilder platform.

As of March 2014, The Hunger Project has used iFormBuilder in five Program Countries (Ghana, Malawi, Uganda, Burkina Faso, and Senegal) in 14 epicenters, with plans to expand to an additional five Program Countries (10 more epicenters and several communities in Mexico & Bangladesh).

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Lindsay McNamara

Lindsay McNamara
Communications Associate
United States

Lindsay has worked as Communications Associate for The Hunger Project since January 2014. She comes to THP after beginning her public relations and communications career at an environmental nonprofit in New Jersey.

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