Meet Lizeta Macanimgue from Mozambique!

August 12, 2011
Zuza MFP Partner Lizeta Macanimgue sm.JPG

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Lizeta Macanimgue, a Microfinance Program partner from Zuza Epicenter in Mozambique. Lizeta has an impressive home business, where she sells clothes she purchases in Maputo and food products she buys in local markets, such as cooking oil and peanuts. When she took her first loan of approximately US$70 in 2010, she sold her goods on the ground in front of her house. Now, thanks to the profit from her first loan (US$20) and her second loan (US$200), she has a permanent structure to keep and sell her wares! Her business provides a steady stream of income, allowing her to save regularly and support her six children. Her future plans include expanding her store to a larger space and selling additional products. Here’s wishing Lizeta much success in the future!


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Marie Mintalucci

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Senior Microfinance Program Officer
United States

Marie Mintalucci joined THP in 2009 as Senior Microfinance Program Officer. She holds a Master of International Affairs in Economic and Political Development from Columbia University.

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